Here you will find accounts of former students who have pursued a PhD or a post-doctoral position with us.

undefinedHUANG Xingrong

I studied at the Central School of Pekin at Beihang University between 2006-2013, and in 2010 I choose the Central School of Paris in order to study during my exchange year. I continued my doctorate in Mechanical Engineering operated by the Central School of Lyon between 2013-2016. Under the direction of Mr. Louis Jezequel, and financed by CSC I have completed my PhD, entitled “Optimization of Dynamic Behavior of Vehicle Structures Based on Generalized Modal Synthesis “.

I graduated in November 2016, and in 2017 an ATER position presented itself in the Department of Solid Mechanics – Mechanical Engineering – Civil Engineering at Central School of Lyon. Since 2018, I became a teacher-researcher in mechanical engineering at the Central School of Pekin, Beihang University, and my main research area is nonlinear vibration, fluid-structure interaction and vibration control.